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Withdraw to Crypto with Skrill

Did you know that you can withdraw your Skrill balance to an external crypto address?

Skrill crypto service is bringing cryptocurrencies into everyday lives. If you have a fiat balance on your account, you can easily send it to a cryptocurrency address.

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With Skrill, you can easily convert cash into cryptocurrencies. Skrill has been developing its crypto service, adding new features, and expanding its crypto portfolio. 

There are two ways to turn cash into crypto with Skrill, both extremely user-friendly and secure.


Buying crypto on your Skrill account is the simplest way to invest in cryptocurrencies. In your Skrill wallet, you will find a TRADE section, which lists almost 40 cryptocurrencies.

You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, OMG, Doge, and many more digital assets; and sell them as well. It is a straightforward and reliable tool if you dislike keeping balance in fiat.

Cryptocurrencies are on a wild ride, but it's the general uptrend that makes it interesting to invest in crypto, even when you are playing with a couple of banknotes.


Sending fiat currency from an ewallet to a cryptocurrency address is a completely new feature.

If you have USD cash on your Skrill account and you would like to send it to a friend that doesn't have a USD account, you can avoid currency exchange rates and fees by sending the amount to a cryptocurrency address.


Exciting times for all crypto lovers!

Skrill is introducing a new withdrawal feature - instead of sending money to your bank account, you can send it to your crypto wallet.

Yes, that's right!

Convert cash into cryptocurrency via your account - send USD, EUR, etc. directly to a cryptocurrency address.

Don't have a Skrill account yet? No problem, we've got you covered. When opening an account here, you are eligible for a VIP upgrade. Why is VIP better? Lower fees, higher limits, free Skrill MasterCard, rewards, and VIP events.

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