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SKRILL NETELLER 2% Cash Bonus with Pix in Brazil 

Receive a cash bonus on your deposits with Pix to Skrill and Neteller.

For a limited time only, Skrill and Neteller offer a 2% cash bonus on all deposits made through Pix. Yes, you read that right – a 2% cash bonus just for transferring funds from Pix to Skrill and Neteller!

Only Brazilians can participate in this promotion, and they have until the end of June 2024 to seize this unique opportunity and reap its rewards. 

So, if you are from Brazil and want to receive a cash bonus when making deposits with Pix to Skrill and Neteller, do not miss out on this special promotion! Just by transferring funds from your PIX account to Skrill or PIX to Neteller, you can instantly increase your funds by 2%. 


As already mentioned, you must have Brazilian citizenship. If you don’t have it, you are not eligible for the Skrill Neteller Cash Bonus promotion. 

To receive a 2% cash bonus with Pix deposits to Skrill and Neteller, you should sign through a designated promotion landing page:

Register here if you have a Skrill account >>

Register here if you have a Neteller account >>

This promotion is valid only until the end of June 2024. After this date, you won’t be eligible for a cash bonus for your deposits with Pix to Skrill and Neteller ewallets.


Here's a step-by-step guide for depositing funds with Pix to both Skrill and Neteller as they are similar ewallets from the same provider:

1) Select PIX as the deposit option:
  • Log in to your Skrill or Neteller account.
  • Navigate to the "Money in" or "Deposit" section of your account.
  • Choose PIX as the deposit method.

2) Enter deposit details:
  • Input the desired deposit amount.
  • Enter your personal identification number (CPF). Transaction limits will be displayed.

3) Review transaction details:

Check the processing timeframe, deposit amount, currency, and any applicable fees on the summary page.

4) Complete payment:

You'll be redirected to an external provider's webpage to complete the payment using either a QR code or Transaction ID.

5) Payment completion:

Follow the instructions provided, either by scanning the QR code or entering the Transaction ID in your mobile or home banking app.

6) Deposit processing time:

Funds will typically be available in your Skrill or Neteller account immediately, but in rare cases, it may take up to one working day.


Pix, Skrill, and Neteller can be perfectly synchronized for seamless financial transactions. Here's why Pix is the ideal match for Skrill and Neteller digital wallets:

  • Pix's speed aligns perfectly with Skrill and Neteller's instant transfer abilities, so users can access funds whenever they want.
  • Pix's low fees complement Skrill and Neteller's cost-effective solutions, maximizing the value of every transaction.
  • Pix's widespread adoption in Brazil improves accessibility for Skrill and Neteller users, enabling seamless transactions.
  • Pix, Skrill, and Neteller's robust security measures ensure funds are always safe.


This promotion is a golden ticket for all gamers, gamblers, poker players, and crypto enthusiasts in Brazil. Whether you’re a new user or have been with Skrill or Neteller for a while, this offer stands until the end of June 2024, and you should take advantage of it.

The 2% cash bonus is a significant advantage, especially for those transferring large amounts from Pix to Skrill or Neteller. This could be the financial boost you’ve been waiting for. So why wait? Seize this opportunity and join now:

If you have a Skrill account >>

If you have a Neteller account >>

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