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How to Recover a Disabled Skrill Account 

Wikiwallet can give your inactive Skrill account a VIP wake-up call. 

Skrill is a popular e-wallet used for online transactions, making payments, and managing funds across various platforms. 

However, there are instances where Skrill accounts may become disabled for various reasons, leaving users unable to access their funds and services. 

If you find yourself in this situation, here's a guide on how to potentially recover your disabled Skrill account and upgrade it to Skrill VIP for enhanced benefits.

Skrill VIP


Skrill VIP offers exclusive benefits and features for users, including: 

  • Lower fees
  • Higher transaction limits
  • Priority bank uploads
  • Dedicated support

Upgrading to Skrill VIP can significantly enhance your e-wallet experience.


There are several reasons why a Skrill account may become disabled. It could be due to:

  • Inactivity
  • Security concerns
  • Incomplete verification
  • Violation of Skrill's terms and conditions

If your Skrill account has been inactive for 6 months or more, you can awaken it with a Skrill VIP upgrade through Wikiwallet. Our service specializes in reactivating inactive Skrill accounts and upgrading them to Skrill VIP status upon review.


1. Determine Account Status

Check whether your Skrill account has been inactive for at least 6 months. The upgrade to Skrill VIP is possible only for inactive accounts.

You can also get an instant Skrill VIP upgrade if you create a new Skrill account >>

2. Fill out Request for Inactive Skrill accounts

If your Skrill account meets the inactive status criteria, fill out the upgrade request form provided by Wikiwallet >>

Ensure you provide accurate details, including your Skrill account ID number and contact email address.

3. Complete Verification

Ensure your Skrill account is fully verified per Skrill's requirements before requesting the VIP upgrade.


Recovering a disabled Skrill account and upgrading it to Skrill VIP can be straightforward, especially with Wikiwallet. 

By following the simple steps and meeting the necessary criteria, users can recover access to their accounts and enjoy the enhanced benefits of Skrill VIP.

Always adhere to Skrill's terms and conditions for a seamless account recovery and VIP upgrade.

Upgrade your inactive Skrill account to VIP status today with Wikiwallet >>

Skrill VIP

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