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How to send Ethereum with Skrill? 

Crypto fans are applauding Skrill for its latest addition to the Skrill Crypto Service - Send Ethereum. The future of ewallets is here! 

If you want to send Ethereum with your Skrill ewallet to another Skrill user, now you can! Skrill’s latest update is bringing cryptocurrencies closer to everyday life. 

This feature is also helpful for poker players, the sports betting community, forex traders who want to move their digital assets quickly and securely to friends and family. 

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies has never been more accessible. 


When Skrill introduced Crypto Service in 2019, there was limited interest in the service. As cryptocurrencies are becoming a feasible payment solution for everyday life, Skrill has all crypto features integrated into the ewallet. 

In 2019, Skrill had a limited selection of digital assets, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. Nowadays, Skrill clients can choose between 37 cryptocurrencies. 

>> Here is a complete list of cryptocurrencies supported by Skrill.

Besides extending its crypto portfolio, Skrill has added some beneficial features: 

  • buy crypto (instant buy, conditional buy, recurring buy) 
  • sell crypto (instant sell, conditional sell, recurring sell)
  • send Ethereum
  • crypto price charts
  • crypto market interest/sentiment
  • crypto trends (24 hours, week, month, year) 


Buying cryptocurrencies with Skrill is as easy as it gets. If you have fiat balance (EUR, USD, etc.), you can buy cryptocurrencies directly from your Skrill account. 

  • Go to the Trade section in your Skrill account 
  • Choose Ethereum (or other coins) and press Buy 
  • Indicated the amount of EUR/USD/another fiat you want to trade for Ethereum (or other coins) 
  • Confirm transaction 

You can check your crypto balance on your Dashboard. If you are using the Skrill app, the crypto balance will be in the TRADE section. 

TIP #1: Skrill clients often decide to invest in crypto with their fiat balance to implement their assets. With Skrill, you can sell crypto within seconds. When you need a cash balance, sell part of crypto and use the balance for your online purchases or ATM withdrawals. 


Until now, Skrill users could buy and sell Ethereum and other crypto assets but not send them to other accounts - that was possible with fiat currencies only. Now, you can send Ethereum to other Skrill accounts in less than a minute.

  • On Skrill, the Send Crypto feature is available for ETHEREUM only.
  • If you want to send Bitcoin, you need a NETELLER account

But, Skrill will unlock the feature for other cryptocurrencies. High interest in cryptocurrencies is the primary driver of the Skrill app and Skrill wallet development. We are optimistic that SEND CRYPTO feature will be available for all digital assets soon. 

>> Here is our YOUTUBE tutorial on How to send Ethereum with Skrill. 


Great news! Skrill is lowering its crypto fees. Effective on September 14, Skrill fees will be reduced. 

Skrill users will pay the following fees according to their status: Regular Skrill, True Skriller, Skrill VIP. 

Skrill crypto fees after September 14, 2021

For True Skriller accounts - verified accounts using Skrill app

  • Crypto Buy/Sell up to 19.99 EUR / 0.70 EUR fee
  • Crypto Buy/Sell Transactions between 20 EUR – 99.99 EUR / 1.70 EUR 
  • Crypto Buy/Sell above 100 EUR / 1.70 EUR

For Skrill VIP accounts 

  • Crypto Buy/Sell up to 19.99 EUR / 0.50 EUR fee 
  • Crypto Buy/Sell Transactions between 20 EUR – 99.99 EUR / 1.50 EUR  
  • Crypto Buy/Sell above 100 EUR / Silver VIP 1.40% ; Gold/Diamond VIP - 1.30%

For regular Skrill accounts - not verified accounts 

  • Crypto Buy/Sell up to 19.99 EUR / 0.99 EUR fee
  • Crypto Buy/Sell Transactions between 20 EUR – 99.99 EUR / 1.99 EUR 
  • Crypto Buy/Sell above 100 EUR / 1.90%

TIP #2: Skrill VIP accounts will have the lowest fees, while regular accounts (not verified accounts) will pay total fees. Therefore, consider upgrading your Skrill account to VIP to lower your fees on crypto, regular money transfers, and bank deposits. 


Who doesn’t want to cut fee costs?

With a Skrill VIP status, Skrill accounts pay far less than regular accounts. Usually, the conditions for Skrill upgrades are high - Skrill upgrades accounts only after making 10,000 EUR transactions in a quarter of a year - see Skrill VIP conditions.

But, at Wikiwallet, we have simplified the SKRILL VIP upgrade. 

Important! Your Skrill account needs to be fully verified. We cannot upgrade unverified Skrill accounts. 

>> If you haven’t upgraded your account yet, here is our YOUTUBE tutorial on How to verify a Skrill account? 

Also, we cannot upgrade Skrill accounts that were created via affiliate links. Otherwise, Skrill upgrades are straightforward: apply for an upgrade and enjoy the benefits of Skrill VIP.

If you want to open a new Skrill account and upgrade it to VIP, open it via this Skrill form.

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