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A guide to microtransactions in gaming

Here’s our guide to microtransactions in gaming. With Skrill and NETELLER, microtransactions can be a helpful way to expand any gaming experience.

What is a microtransaction?

A microtransaction or MTX is a small payment made for virtual goods. 

Microtransactions are buzzwords for anyone in console, mobile, and PC gaming, as they can create revenue for developers. Through microtransaction, developers get the funding for producing updates for games.

How can you pay for microtransaction? 

There are several ways to support your favorite game’s developers. For example, you can make payments directly from your bank account, credit card, or from your ewallet. If you use Skrill and NETELLER, microtransactions are processed swiftly. 

What are the advantages of using Skrill NETELLER to pay for microtransaction?  
With a Skrill or NETELLER account, you avoid the trouble of submitting your bank details and exposing them online, especially in gaming. Digital wallets are a discreet option to fund gaming activities. 

Moreover, with NETELLER or Skrill, you also restrain yourself when it comes to overspending for gaming. You can only pay for the amount that is on your ewallet account, not a bit more. 

Different types of microtransaction

In gaming, microtransactions can help you with your status and progress, but at the same time, you can influence the development of games. So, what are the different types of microtransactions? 

  • Unlocks are features and units unavailable or hard to reach for non-paying players.
  • Boosters will accelerate your progress on improvements.
  • Cosmetic upgrades will give you a flashy makeover and make other players green with envy.
  • Strengthen units will give you extra armors and powers in fighting and sports games, so you can deliver stronger hits and survive bigger blasts. 
  • Loot boxes are a player’s box of chocolates; you’ll never know what you gonna get. 
  • Hints will help you when being stuck on the part of the game. 
  • Plot progress is your quick way out of uninteresting parts of the game so that you can focus on the exciting stuff.
  • In-game currencies, yes, you can invest in gems, gold, armory credits, V-Bucks, and other virtual currencies.

A brief history of microtransactions 

Do you remember when online gaming exploded? In the late 1990s, everything changed. Let’s claim that Quake and Command & Conquer made the most significant impact, and consoles became more like PCs, with their writable drives.

Developers could improve games after they were released, which opened the door for fan-inspired updates and fixes. However, this introduced the problem of after-release funding. How do you pay developers once the game is out there? 

Microfinancing was introduced to fund developers to pay for staff, servers, and other developing costs. Gamers can pay for improvements, modifications, and bug fixes and prolong the shelf life of games. If something keeps evolving, it makes it much more enjoyable. 

The costs of microtransactions

Although many games are free to play, a small number of players spend money on extra features and modifications. Some parts are more expensive than others, for example, a pouch of gold in Clash Royale versus a tank in War Thunder? 

Gaming is a passion for a lot of people. While some spend their money on real-life accessories, others like to cash out on game gadgets to get a five-star game experience. Nothing wrong with that. 

As microtransactions are popular with gamers and game developers, Skrill and NETELLER will keep supporting in-game payments. To give you a perspective, gamers spent more than 4 billion USD across Activision Blizzard games in 2018 alone. 

Use Skrill NETELLER for microtransactions 

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