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How to lower NETELLER fees? 

NETELLER customers can lower their fees on personal money transfers to friends and family worldwide with a NETELLER True membership level. Only three steps are needed to receive the NETELLER True status and that you can complete in 10 minutes, including NETELLER account verification. 

New membership level NETELLER True

NETELLER True is a new membership level, introduced in April 2021. The NETELLER TRUE status brings lower fees on transferring money, which Neteller customers considered too costly. The NETELLER TRUE is a positive move towards reducing the costs of sending money with NETELLER. 

  • NETELLER account fees before April 2021 from 1.45% to 4.49% for new accounts
  • NETELLER not-verified: 2.99% fee on money transfers
  • NETELLER TRUE account after April 27, 2021: free money transfers

Requirements for NETELLER True status

We all want low fees on money transfers, and NETELLER makes this available again to its customers. 

Here is what you need to avoid the NETELLER money transfer fees. Complete the following three steps to get the NETELLER True status: 

Step #1: Download the NETELLER app

  • Go to your Google Play or App Store to download the free NETELLER app and install it on your phone.
  • Login to your NETELLER account with your email and password. 

Step #2: Deposit to NETELLER ewallet 

  • You have to make an eligible deposit to your Neteller account, preferably from your bank account or with your credit card.
  • The payment method should be in your name. 

Step #3: Complete NETELLER verification

  • Neteller verification is a process in which NETELLER confirms your identity. To ensure that the opened account is linked to a real person, NETELLER will have you present your ID and selfie.
  • If you are unsure how to verify a Neteller account, watch our Youtube video on NETELLER verification. We’ve made it short and sweet.

After completing all three steps, your account will be NETELLER True, thus eligible for free money transfers. 

NETELLER fees for non-verified Neteller accounts

If you don’t download the NETELLER app and don’t verify the NETELLER account, sending money will be expensive. Neteller is charging a money transfer fee of up to 2.99%.

We suggest you log in to NETELLER and complete the missing steps. It will make a huge difference for your NETELLER account balance. 

Don’t have a NETELLER account yet? Register to NETELLER today.

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