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How to send Bitcoin with Neteller? 

Crypto holders are excited as Neteller adds a new feature to its crypto service - Send Bitcoin. And it works perfectly! 

If you want to send Bitcoin from your Neteller account to your friend's Neteller account, you now have a reliable service within Neteller ewallet. 

Buying and selling crypto has never been easier and more accessible. 


Neteller introduced Crypto Service in 2019 to test interest in buying and selling crypto within the Neteller account. 

At first, Neteller offered a few coins, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. Today, Neteller account holders can invest in almost 40 different cryptocurrencies. 

Find out which cryptocurrencies are supported by Neteller. 

Alongside adding more digital assets to Neteller, Neteller's crypto service advanced in functionalities as well. 


Buying Bitcoin with Neteller is straightforward. You can make crypto purchases with your account balance. 

  • Go to the Trade section in your Neteller account 
  • Choose Bitcoin and press Buy 
  • Indicated the amount of EUR/USD/another fiat you want to trade for Bitcoin
  • Confirm transaction 
You can check your Bitcoin balance on your NETELLER account dashboard. 


Many Neteller clients decide to trade their fiat balance to crypto and sell crypto when they need fiat currency. As Neteller enables swift crypto purchases and selling crypto, you can sell when you need spending balance and hold the rest in crypto assets. 


Until now, Neteller clients could buy and sell Bitcoin but not send it to other accounts - that was possible with fiat currencies only. Now, you can send Bitcoin to other Neteller users in less than a minute. 

The send crypto feature is currently available for Bitcoin only. However, Neteller will probably unlock the feature for other cryptocurrencies since the demand for crypto payments is on a steep rise. 

Here is a YOUTUBE tutorial on How to send Bitcoin with Neteller. 

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Effective on September 14, Neteller will have a new crypto fee in place.

Neteller clients will pay fees according to their status: Neteller Regular, Neteller True, Neteller VIP. The Neteller VIP accounts will have the lowest fees, while regular accounts (not verified accounts) will pay full fees. 

Here are the Neteller crypto fees after September 14, 2021:

For NETELLER True accounts - verified accounts using Neteller app

  • Crypto Buy/Sell up to $19.99 / $0.70 fee
  • Crypto Buy/Sell Transactions between $20 – $99.99 / $1.70 
  • Crypto Buy/Sell above $100 / 1.70%

For NETELLER VIP accounts 

  • Crypto Buy/Sell up to $19.99 / $0.50 fee 
  • Crypto Buy/Sell Transactions between $20 – $99.99 / $1.50  
  • Crypto Buy/Sell above $100 / Silver VIP 1.40% ; Gold/Diamond/Exclusive VIP - 1.30%

For regular NETELLER accounts - not verified accounts 

  • Crypto Buy/Sell up to $19.99 / $0.99 fee
  • Crypto Buy/Sell Transactions between $20 – $99.99 / $1.99 
  • Crypto Buy/Sell above $100 / 1.90%


If you would like to save fee costs, then you should apply for NETELLER VIP. At Wikiwallet, we have simplified VIP upgrades. 

Note that your NETELLER account needs to be fully verified to be eligible for an upgrade. Also, we cannot upgrade accounts that were created via affiliate links. In this case, we'll send you a notification and explain what you can do to reach VIP.

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