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Does Neteller have an affiliate program?

Neteller was one of the first brands to offer an affiliate program. Affiliate marketing is one of the most successful ways to promote your product. Neteller takes care of Neteller affiliates with a high revenue share model, lifetime commission, information, and affiliate support. 

If you want to make money by promoting NETELLER, you can sign up for a NETELLER affiliate program. As an affiliate, you will get your unique Neteller affiliate link and access to an affiliate platform to track all your Neteller referrals and revenue share. 

For each new account that is opened with your Neteller link, you will be entitled to a lifetime revenue share. 

Here is how you can promote Neteller and create solid income as an affiliate. 


The golden rule of affiliate marketing is to know your audience. If you are promoting Neteller, then you should send your link to people or groups that: 
  • need international money transfers
  • like to bet on sports, online casino, poker 
  • trade on forex of invest in crypto 

Neteller is used by millions to make online payments and to fund gambling accounts. In addition, Neteller provides a free option to send money around the globe and to make local payments with a prepaid MasterCard. 


If you have a website or a blog, then start publishing about Neteller. Personal blogs about poker, casino, gaming, and sports betting are the most obvious way to promote Neteller. 

Direct referral is probably the most rewarding. If you have players that need a reliable ewallet account to fund their game or trade, then offer them Neteller via your affiliate link. 


First, you need to apply for a Neteller Affiliate Program. 

Paysafe affiliates and other affiliate networks offer Neteller Affiliate Program. If you plan to open an affiliate account through Paysafe, you will have to sign a contract with the company as an affiliate. Join the Neteller affiliate program via an affiliate network, and you will be able to promote the brand without an official agreement as they already have a formal partnership with Paysafe. 

You can quickly start promoting Neteller by joining the Paynura affiliate network. Paynura gives all its members access to affiliate offers and supports affiliates on their journey. 

Open a free account. 

Your unique NETELLER affiliate link 
Once you have an affiliate account with Paynura, you request the NETELLER affiliate link. All accounts created through your link will automatically become your referred users, and you will be able to earn commission on their deposits with Neteller.


By promoting NETELLER, you will be earning a revenue share on deposits your referrals make to online merchants. 

Let us explain how the revenue share affiliate model works. 

When your referred users deposit with Neteller to an online merchant (poker room, casino, sports betting site, forex, etc.), you are entitled to a revenue share of the transaction fee. The merchant pays (poker room, sportsbook, etc.) the transaction fee to NETELLER. The deposit transaction fee is usually between 2-5%, depending on the deal between the merchant and Neteller. 

If your referral deposits 1,000 USD to a poker merchant that pays a 3% fee to Skrill, the fee is 150 USD. With a 25% revenue share, you will be entitled to 25% of 150 USD. Thus, you will earn a 37,5 USD commission. 

Suppose you have ten active referrals who like to bet on sports., each depositing 5,000 USD. In that case, you would make 375 USD just from deposits over one weekend. Remember, the revenue share is for lifetime. 


Promoting NETELLER can help you create a solid income flow. For many, promoting ewallets like Skrill and Neteller has become a lucrative side business. Especially if you can reach potential clients that trade forex or bet on sports, you will create a substantial affiliate portfolio. 


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