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Can I top up Neteller with Bitcoin?

Neteller is a universal ewallet with the best crypto service among digital wallets. But can you also deposit cryptocurrencies to your NETELLER account? 

You can purchase and sell cryptocurrencies with a Neteller account, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Compound, OMG, SushiSwap, and invest in up to 40 different digital coins. Within the Neteller app, you can: 
  • check market sentiment
  • crypto price trends 
  • buy and sell crypto
  • instant/conditional buy/sell
  • send crypto to other Skrill clients
  • send fiat to an external crypto address. 

However, deposits to your Neteller account are not possible with crypto assets. But, you can always receive Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from other Neteller accounts (but not from an external crypto address). 

The good news is that NETELLER is constantly improving its crypto service, and hopefully, depositing crypto will be next.

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