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Lower NETELLER fees from October 2021

Great news for all NETELLER accounts! Neteller is lowering the fees for money transfers, bank deposits, and all crypto transactions. From October 2021, Neteller will have a new fee policy. 

While Neteller increased fees in 2019 and 2020, now NETELLER is bringing fees down again. Clients will pay fewer costs for sending money and less for depositing money to their Neteller account. 

If you don’t have a Neteller account yet, you can open one here and get a VIP upgrade. With a Neteller VIP account, you will pay zero fees on the majority of Neteller services. 

Which NETELLER fees are being reduced? 


  • Neteller is reducing fees for all deposits made from a bank account. Currently, the bank deposit fee is 2.5%. From October 14, the deposit fee will be 1% only. 


  • Neteller has different statuses for its customers. If you have just opened a Neteller account, but your Neteller has not been verified yet, you have a Neteller Regular account. The fee for sending money is 2.99%.
  • If your account has been verified and downloaded the Neteller app, you have a Neteller Trues status. For instant money transfers, fees will differ according to your Neteller account Status. Neteller will charge 1.45% for sending money. 
  • If you have a Neteller VIP account, then all your money transfers are free. If you have a verified account, you can apply for NETELLER VIP via our request form. 


  • Neteller offers a prepaid NETELLER MasterCard to clients in selected geographical areas. Fees for the MasterCard application are 10 US for Neteller Regular and Neteller True.
  • If you wish to avoid the NETELLER MasterCard application fee, apply for a NETELLER VIP status via our VIP request form. 


Neteller will also reduce its crypto fees. At the moment, all NETELLER accounts pay a 1.5% crypto fee on all cryptocurrency transactions.

Here is what you can expect after September 14, 2021. 

NETELLER regular accounts 
  • Crypto Buy/Sell up to $19.99 / $0.99 fee
  • Crypto Buy/Sell Transactions between $20 – $99.99 / $1.99 
  • Crypto Buy/Sell above $100 / 1.90%

NETELLER True accounts
  • Crypto Buy/Sell up to $19.99 / $0.70 fee
  • Crypto Buy/Sell Transactions between $20 – $99.99 / $1.70 
  • Crypto Buy/Sell above $100 / 1.70%

  • Crypto Buy/Sell up to $19.99 / $0.50 fee 
  • Crypto Buy/Sell Transactions between $20 – $99.99 / $1.50  
  • Crypto Buy/Sell above $100 / Silver VIP 1.40% ; Gold/Diamond/Exclusive VIP - 1.30%

How to avoid Neteller fees? 

If you want to skip fees altogether, you will need a NETELLER VIP status. Neteller upgrades account when they reach a 10,000 USD quarterly transactions.

However, there is an easier way to get NETELLER VIP.

At Wikiwallet, we have a NETELLER VIP request form. Fill out your NETELLER ID and email address, and we will upgrade your account in less than 72 hours. 

Read more about the Neteller VIP program.

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