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What is the cost of NETELLER ATM withdrawal? 

Neteller Card is the most helpful thing in your pocket. If you want to withdraw cash for your digital wallet account, Net+ prepaid MasterCard is the most straightforward method.

Neteller and MasterCard have a partnership so that all Neteller users can use a prepaid MasterCard for ATM withdrawals and POS terminal payments. Here is how much you pay for withdrawing with Net+ Card at an ATM. 

However, withdrawing with a Neteller MasterCard is not free of charge. Fees depend on your Neteller status. You have to pay the full fee if you have a regular account, while ATM withdrawal is free for Neteller VIP accounts. 


Neteller clients can use Net+ prepaid MasterCard everywhere MasterCard is accepted, which means almost everywhere globally. With a Neteller MasterCard, you can pay and withdraw without obstacles. 

However, Skrill MasterCard is not free, and certain fees apply. Here is a breakdown of all fees applied for MasterCard: 
  • MasterCard application fee 10 EUR / free for NETELLER VIP accounts 
  • 10 EUR annual fee / free for NETELLER VIP accounts 
  • 0 to 1.75 % ATM fee / free for NETELLER VIP accounts 
  • POS transactions are free
  • NETELLER virtual card is free 

Some ATM providers charge additional fees for the use of their ATMs. Would you mind checking if the ATM operator charges for MasterCard withdrawals before using the ATM? Usually, additional costs are waived, but double-check before paying a double withdrawal fee. 

Neteller clients probably already have a Neteller MasterCard.

If you don’t, here is a short video tutorial on How to get a Neteller MasterCard >>


Neteller rewards frequent NETELLER users with a VIP account. If you have a verified Neteller account, you can apply for a Neteller VIP status here >>

NETELLER VIP will cut your fees on money transfers, currency conversion, deposits, and withdrawals substantially. Here are the perks of the NETELLER VIP account: 

  • save 1.75 % ATM fee on all cash withdrawals
  • save on MasterCard application fee
  • save on the annual MasterCard fee.

Don’t lose money on fees. Apply for a Neteller VIP account today >>

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