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The Complete Skrill and NETELLER Fee Comparison 

The most popular ewallets for trading, gambling, and gaming are Skrill and Neteller. Both are products under the Paysafe umbrella. Despite numerous similar features, the fee structure has plenty of differences.

But you are probably wondering, which wallet is a better choice, Skrill or Neteller? 

The answer is not straightforward. Depending on what you use your Skrill NETELLER account for, we advise you to review the fee comparison for Skrill and Neteller. 

Full list of Skrill Neteller features

Skrill and Neteller are digital wallets - payment products for online payments and money transfers. Both ewallets have the possiblity to order a prepaid card, so you can pay with Skrill MasterCard or Net+ Card in your local store or withdraw money from an ATM. 

Here is a complete list of Skrill NETELLER features: 

  • domestic money transfer
  • international money transfer
  • online payments
  • deposits to gaming, sports betting platforms
  • withdrawals from gaming, sports betting platforms
  • deposits to forex brokers
  • withdrawals from forex brokers
  • buy and sell cryptocurrencies
  • ATM withdrawals
  • Skrill MasterCard in-store payments
  • NET+ Card (MasterCard) in-store payments

Skrill NETELLER money transfer fees compared

With Skrill and Neteller, you can send money to friends and family who have Skrill or NETELLER accounts. But, Skrill and Neteller money transfers are not free. These fees apply: 

Skrill domestic money transfer fee 

  • Send money from Skrill to Skrill - 2.99% fee & FREE with Skriller True status (verified Skrill account) 
  • Receive money to Skrill - FREE

Neteller domestic money transfer fee

  • Send money from Neteller to Neteller 1.45% / FREE with Neteller True status (verified Neteller account)
  • Receive money to Neteller - FREE

Skrill international money transfer fee 

  • currency conversion 4.99%
  • Send via debit card, Manual Bank transfer, Paysafecash, Bank transfer via Sofort/Klarna - FREE
  • Send via credit card 2.99% fee
  • Receive money to Skrill - FREE

NETELLER international money transfer fee 

  • currency conversion 4.49%
  • Receive money to Neteller - FREE

What is the cheapest option to send money abroad? 

If you are sending money abroad, then make sure to pay as little fees as possible. 

  • With Skrill, the most economic option would be sending money via debit card, manual bank transfer, or transfer via Sofort/Klarna. 
  • With Neteller, the cheapest option is to send money from Neteller to Neteller account abroad within the same currency, so you don’t pay a 4.49% currency conversion mark-up fee. 

Transfers with Skrill and Neteller are instant, and your funds will be received by the recipient much faster than with regular bank transfers. 

Skrill NETELLER money deposit fees compared

When you are depositing money to Skrill and Neteller, your ewallet provider will charge a certain fee. 

Skrill deposit fee

  • with local deposit methods (bank transfer Paysafecard, Trustly, and others) 1% fee
  • with global deposit methods (Visa, MasterCard, Diners, and others) 1% fee
  • all deposits are FREE for customers in the USA 

Neteller deposit fee 

  • local and global deposit methods 2.5% fee

Skrill is a much cheaper option regarding deposits as the deposits have lower fees (1%) compared to the 2.5% deposit fee to Neteller. 

Skrill NETELLER money withdrawal fee compared

If you are not sure about the cost of withdrawing money from your Skrill NETELLER account, here are the withdrawal fees explained. 

Skrill money withdrawal costs

  • withdraw from Skrill to your bank account 5.50 EUR
  • withdrawal to NETELLER account 3.49%
  • withdrawal from Skrill to credit card 7.5%

Neteller money withdrawal costs

  • withdraw from Neteller to your bank account 10 USD
  • withdraw to Skrill account 3.49%

If you want to make regular withdrawals from your ewallet account to your bank account, you will pay less when using Skrill. Skrill charges a 5.5 EUR fixed fee per withdrawal to your personal account, while Neteller will add a 10 USD fee for making a withdrawal to your bank account. 

Skrill NETELLER deposits to a merchant 

Skrill and Neteller are perfect deposit methods for online merchants. Especially merchants in gambling, gaming, and trading have embedded Skrill and NETELLER into their payment systems. Compared to other deposit methods, such as bank or credit card transfers, ewallet deposits are swift, secure, reliable, and discreet. 

  • Skrill deposit to merchants - FREE
  • NETELLER deposit to merchants - FREE

All deposits to gaming and gambling merchants should be free. Paysafe - Skrill NETELLER parent company - charges a fee directly to the merchant, never to the ewallet user. 

Skrill Neteller crypto service fees compared

Neteller and Skrill support investing in cryptocurrencies within the accounts. If you have fiat funds on your account, you can swap them for major crypto assets, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, OMG, etc. 

If your primary account is in EUR (Skrill) or USD (Neteller), trading crypto will not be subject to currency conversion. Purchases of cryptocurrency with another fiat currency will be subject to a 1.5% foreign exchange fee.

Both Skrill and NETELLER charge a fee for buying and selling crypto. 

Skrill crypto fees

  • Transactions up to 19.99 EUR - 0.99 EUR per transaction
  • Transactions between 20-99.99 EUR - 1.99 EUR per transaction 
  • Transactions above 100 EUR - 1.50 % per transaction

Neteller crypto fees

  • All transactions 1.50% per transaction

Skrill and NETELLER support the same cryptocurrencies but have a different approaches to fees. 

If you want to know how to buy major cryptocurrencies with ewallets, here are some quick tutorials: 

Avoid fees with Skrill & NETELLER VIP program

An efficient way to avoid fees is to join the Skrill VIP program or NETELLER VIP program. Skrill and Neteller reward loyal customers with VIP status. Having a VIP status will cut the fees to almost zero. 

You can become a VIP member if you make transfers of 5000 EUR/USD per quarter or if you simply apply for VIP through our: 

Having a VIP status will enable you free Skrill and NETELLER money transfers and ATM withdrawals. In addition, you will enjoy lower currency exchange rates and have direct support from Skrill and NETELLER.

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