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4 reasons why gamers use Skrill

Skrill is an ewallet used globally. Among gamers, it is one of the most frequently used payment methods. Gamers are loyal to Skrill for several very practical reasons. 

Skrill was developed as a digital gaming wallet, supporting gaming, gambling, and personal money transfers. 

#1 Reliable payment method in gaming

What do you need as a gamer? A reliable, fast, and discreet payment method that enables deposits and withdrawals. 

With a Skrill account, gamers can make payments on major and niche gaming platforms. Skrill has been a partner to the gaming industry for more than a decade, supporting the funding of gaming accounts and microtransactions. Thus, Skrill is integrated with almost all gaming merchants. 

#2 Exclusive deals for gamers 

Skrill account holders have access to special gaming offers, deals, and exclusive promotions. You will see the promotion section in your Skrill account - these are exclusive deals between gaming merchants and Skrill. Therefore, only accessible to gamers with Skrill accounts. 

#3 Discreet payments with Skrill 

Skrill wallet is available as an app - download it from Google Play or App Store. The Skrill app is for free, and with it, you will have access to your Skrill account wherever you are. Making Payments via the Skrill app is as easy as it gets. 

Discretion is one of the most important features for gamers. Once you upload funds to your Skrill account, you will be able to move discreetly between gaming merchants, from poker to sportsbook, or forex and crypto exchange. When making payments with Skrill, you will never reveal your bank account details. Simultaneously, your bank account won’t show your online spending, except the initial deposit to Skrill. 

#4 Skrill VIP program for gamers 

For gamers using Skrill, Skrill has introduced the Skrill VIP Program to reward loyal Skrill customers. With a Skrill VIP account, you will have: 

  • lower fees on ATM withdrawals and currency exchange rates
  • zero fees on money transfers and international transfers
  • access to 24/7 Skrill support 
  • and other extra benefits such as VIP gaming events. 

Gamers, get your Skrill VIP account

If you don’t have a Skrill account yet, you can open one right away. 

Wikiwallet is an official Skrill partner, supporting gamers with all things related to Skrill. Including Skrill VIP accounts - Skrill VIP Fast Lane.

If you want to have a Skrill account right after registering, you just need to fill out the Skrill VIP request form. We will process your VIP request in less than 48 hours and secure your VIP account for gaming.

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