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How to Avoid Transaction Fees when iGaming

Here’s how to avoid transaction fees when playing poker or casino games online!

In the world of igaming, whether you're a dedicated poker player or a passionate casino enthusiast, every penny counts. Transaction fees can quickly eat into your gaming budget, leaving you with less to play with and enjoy your favourite games.

Fortunately, there are ways you can use to avoid these fees and make the most of your gaming experience. This article will show you how to make free money transfers with Skrill NETELLER digital wallets. 



Skrill and NETELLER digital wallets offer various payment options, providing convenience for players to fund their gaming accounts and effortlessly withdraw their winnings.

In addition to their user-friendly transaction capabilities, Skrill and NETELLER provide a range of useful app features, a prepaid MasterCard and enhanced security measures. Furthermore, they offer exclusive promotions, bonuses, VIP programs, and loyalty programs specifically designed for online gaming enthusiasts.

By becoming a Skrill or NETELLER VIP member, gamers can enjoy the advantage of free transaction fees. Regardless of the specific level within the Skrill NETELLER VIP programs, free money transfers are a benefit that remains consistent across all VIP levels.

Skrill VIP program levels: Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

NETELLER VIP program levels: Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Exclusive.

The Skrill and NETELLER VIP programs are renewed every quarter, requiring gamers to transfer a specific amount of money each time to maintain their VIP status.



Gamers can use a smart strategy to reduce transaction fees by using Skrill NETELLER digital wallets. They can plan ahead and transfer a specific amount of money to their gaming platforms, making the most of the quarterly renewal of Skrill and NETELLER VIP accounts. 

Open a new Skrill account >>

Open a new Neteller account >>

This approach provides financial control and convenience and allows gamers to save on transaction fees. With the right strategy in place, players can boost their online gaming experience and transfer more funds to online gaming platforms.

This is particularly advantageous for gamers who frequently transfer substantial amounts of money, as they can save significantly on transaction fees. Who wouldn't want to have more funds available on their gaming platform instead of giving them towards transaction fees? 


Usually, becoming a Skrill or NETELLER VIP member requires meeting specific deposit requirements. 

For Skrill Silver VIP, the usual deposit requirement is 15000 EUR, while for NETELLER Silver VIP, it is 15000 USD. 

However, a more convenient option is available for gamers who want to get Skrill or NETELLER VIP status without fulfilling these deposit requirements.

By opening an account through Wikiwallet, gamers can instantly become VIP members of Skrill or NETELLER, bypassing the usual deposit requirements. 

This exclusive partnership between Wikiwallet and Skrill NETELLER digital wallets, allows users to enjoy VIP benefits for free!

Become Skrill VIP >>


Maintaining your Skrill NETELLER VIP status on a quarterly basis is also a lot easier with Wikiwallet!

Instead of the usual quarterly deposit requirement  (EUR15000 for Skrill Silver VIP/USD15000 for NETELLER Silver VIP), gamers need to transfer 5000 EUR for Skrill and 5000 USD for NETELLER to reach Silver VIP status. 

This amount is significantly lower than the usual deposit, allowing players to maintain their VIP status on much lower conditions.


By choosing the Skrill NETELLER VIP account, players gain access to many perks that enhance their poker or side games experience and offer additional advantages.

When playing poker or casino games, having Skrill or NETELLER VIP status brings significant savings on transaction fees, allowing gamers to give more of their funds towards their gaming activities.

With a Skrill NETELLER VIP accounts, gamers can confidently focus on their gameplay, knowing they are making the most of their financial resources and optimizing their gaming budget.

Save money on your gaming activities with Skrill NETELLER VIP accounts >>

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