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3 reasons why to bet on sports in Brazil with AstroPay 

If you are betting on sports in Brazil, check why you should start using AstroPay digital wallet for your online betting activities. Here are 3 great reasons why AstroPay is the most cost-effective ewallet in Brazil. 


AstroPay is a top-tier payment option for sports betting, much like Skrill and NETELLER, because it provides fast, secure, and convenient transactions with minimal fees. 

With its user-friendly interface, competitive exchange rates, and the added benefit of user anonymity, AstroPay has become a preferred payment option for sports betting enthusiasts in Brazil and around the world.



AstroPay is extremely popular in the countries of Latin America, but Brazilian sports bettors especially love it, as it brings many benefits to them: 

#1 Secure, fast, and convenient digital wallet

AstroPay is an excellent payment solution for Brazilian online bettors who appreciate fast and straightforward digital transfers. As punters who win large sums of money often need to withdraw their winnings from betting platforms and securely store them in one place, AstroPay offers a secure, fast, and convenient digital wallet.

#2 Physical AstroPay MasterCard only available in Brazil

AstroPay physical Mastercard is only available in Brazil, making it an ideal payment option. With the card, sports fans can withdraw their winnings from ATMs and spend their money wherever they wish, as online and in-store merchants globally accept it. 

AstroPay and MasterCard partnership show that they understand the needs of Brazilian betting enthusiasts and are committed to providing a payment solution that meets their requirements.

#3 AstroPay 1% Cashback Promotion

AstroPay has an exclusive, time-limited promotion for all Brazilian sports bettors who want to get cashback on their deposits. By the end of May 2023, there is still enough time to join the AstroPay 1% Cashback promotion!


Follow a few simple steps to take advantage of the AstroPay cashback offer. 

  • Create a new AstroPay account >>
  • Deposit over 5 thousand into your AstroPay account. 
  • Then, deposit over 5 thousand on the online betting platform of your choice. 

Once you have finished these steps, you will become eligible for the 1% cashback, which will be credited directly to your AstroPay account. It's that easy!


Don’t waste time, and sign up for AstroPay. Sports betting has never been so easy: open an AstroPay account, and use it on all sports betting platforms in Brazil and beyond. 

With the AstroPay cashback promotion, you can earn cashback on your deposits and maximize your winnings. The promotion is easy to sign up for, and the cashback offer can add up quickly. A simple, straightforward way to make money. 

Don’t miss this opportunity and Join the cashback offer from the 1st of March till the 31st of May >>


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