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How to Avoid Transaction Fees when Betting on Sports

Do you want to enjoy free money transfers when betting on sports?

If you are heavily involved in online sports betting, you probably care about avoiding transaction fees that eat into your balance with every transaction.

With a Skrill NETELLER VIP account, you can place bets with zero transaction fees and increase your betting budget. This opens up new financial opportunities and the chance for more significant cash rewards from your bets.

If you're interested in how to get a Skrill NETELLER VIP account without any deposit requirements, read on.



Being a Skrill NETELLER VIP member with access to free money transfers empowers online bettors and punters to efficiently manage their funds, transfer winnings, and make payments without the burden of transaction fees. VIP accounts boost the overall convenience, flexibility, and value of Skrill and NETELLER ewallets in the online betting industry.

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Bettors can experience greater confidence in placing their bets when they know their transfers are free. By eliminating transaction fees, bettors can maximize their betting budget and enjoy a more rewarding betting experience. 


Typically, to become a Skrill Silver VIP, you would need to transfer 15,000 EUR, not just initially but every quarter, to maintain your VIP status.

However, if you sign up through Wikiwallet for a new Skrill account, you will receive a Silver VIP status for the first quarter. To continue enjoying VIP benefits, you only need to transfer 5,000 EUR every quarter.

Skrill offers multiple VIP levels, starting with Silver to Gold and Diamond. At each level, you enjoy free money transfers.

To upgrade your NETELLER account to Silver VIP, the usual requirement is to transfer 15,000 USD. You must transfer the same amount quarterly to maintain your VIP status.

By joining via Wikiwallet, you get your NETELLER VIP status for free when creating a new account. For quarterly maintenance, you need to transfer 5,000 USD.

NETELLER offers four VIP tiers: Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Exclusive. With each level, you can move your money for free.



Yes, bet365 is still the most popular venue for online sports betting, and it will remain in first place for a long time as there are no serious competitors in sight. The most sports to bet on, the most polished setting experience, and the most traffic. 

But can you deposit to bet365 with Skrill and Neteller? Yes, you can. If you want to know where, go to our bet365 ewallet guide >>


Minimize your costs and maximize your bets with Skrill and NETELLER VIP accounts. With VIP accounts, you can move your money from betting platforms without any transaction fees, allowing you to make the most of your bets.

By avoiding transaction fees, you have more funds available to place bets and increase your chances of winning. With Skrill and NETELLER VIP accounts, you can optimize your betting experience and take advantage of their financial benefits.

Don't let transaction fees eat into your betting budget. Choose Skrill and NETELLER VIP accounts to minimize costs and maximize your bets for a more rewarding betting journey.

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