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How to buy Bitcoin with an eWallet?

Buying Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is quite simple with a digital wallet. Skrill and Neteller offer Cryptoservice within the wallet, so you do not need an external crypto platform to buy Bitcoin. All you need is a Skrill or Neteller account and funds on your account. 


Buying Bitcoin on NETELLER and Skrill account

Buying Bitcoin (BTC) with Skrill and NETELLER is simple and takes less than one minute. If you have EUR/USD or other fiat currency on your account, you can instantly buy Bitcoin. 

Step 1 - Login to your ewallet

Login to your ewallet account and go to the crypto section. 

Step 2 - Select Bitcoin (BTC)

Skrill and Neteller offer a wide selection of stable coins, approximately 10 different digital assets. 

Step 3 - Buy Bitcoin (BTC) 

Once you have selected Bitcoin, a purchase order will open. Fill out the amount of fiat currency you want to turn into Bitcoin and confirm the order. You will immediately receive a notification about the order. Bitcoin will be shown in your crypto portfolio in your Skrill or NETELLER wallet.

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