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Skrill 2021 Crypto Service Update 

If you are a fan of the Skrill ewallet, then you have already seen the massive progress in Skrill Crypto Service. You can invest in almost 40 cryptocurrencies, and Skrill is not even stopping there. As cryptocurrencies become part of our financial realities, the ewallet makes digital assets part of our everyday transactions. 


Half a year ago, you could invest in a couple of digital assets on Skrill. If you check the crypto section today, you will find a total of 37 digital coins (August 2021). 

Skrill is definitely addressing the needs of the future. As crypto is becoming a means of payment online and even official currency in some countries, Skrill is investing in developing its crypto service and making it as user-friendly as possible. 

Skrill Crypto


As said, the list is long and getting longer every month. Here are the digital coins you can buy, sell or hold within the Skrill wallet (August 2021): 

  • Bitcoin (BTC),
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Cardano (ADA),
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Uniswap (UNI) 
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH), 
  • Litecoin (LTC),
  • Chainlink (LNK),
  • Polygon (MAT),
  • Stellar Lumens (XLM),
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC), 
  • EOS (EOS),
  • Aave (AVE),
  • Maker (MKR), 
  • Tezos (XTZ), 
  • Cosmos (ATO),
  • Dash (DSH),
  • Compound (CMP),
  • SushiSwap (SHI),
  • Decentralized (MNA),
  • Synthetix (SNX),
  • The Graph (GRT),
  • Ox (ZRX), 
  • Bancor (BNT),
  • Curve (CRV),
  • Ankr (ANK),
  • Uma (UMA),
  • Celo (CLD),
  • OMG Network (OMG), 
  • Kyber (KNC),
  • Loopring (LRC),
  • Skale (SKL),
  • Storj (STO),
  • NuCypher (NUC),
  • Numeraire (NMR),
  • Balancer (BLC),
  • Band (BAN).


Within a Skrill account, you can buy, sell crypto but also invest in crypto. 

For example, if you have a balance of 100 EUR on your account, you can buy an interest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency. You can sell part of your interest in Bitcoin and instantly have an available balance on your Skrill account when you need cash. 

Many Skrill users are implementing their assets through crypto. In 2021, the crypto market has been on a crazy ride, but overall, almost all investments have yielded gains or will shortly. 

Holding your balance in crypto is one of the strategies to consider if you want to increase your overall finances. 


If you are not a Skriller yet, you can open a Skrill account within minutes. Skrill enables you to: 

  • send money to friends and family,
  • invest in crypto,
  • pay with Skrill MasterCard, 
  • fund your gaming accounts, 
  • make secure online payments. 

Overall, Skrill is one of the most popular ewallets among sports betting fans, casino and poker players, forex traders, and gamers. 

Open a Skrill account today. 

If you want to open an account and get a Skrill VIP status, fill out a Skrill VIP request form. We will upgrade your Skrill account in less than 48 hours. 

With Skrill VIP, you will have: 

  • free money transfers,
  • free deposits,  
  • free Skrill MasterCard, 
  • and much lower currency transaction fees. 

Find out more about Skrill fees and the Skrill VIP program. For a tutorial on how to open and verify a Skrill account, visit our Wikiwallet Youtube channel.

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