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What is Skrill MasterCard?

Skrill MasterCard is a prepaid card you can use for payments at local stores, online shopping, and cash withdrawals at ATMs worldwide. Skrill MasterCard works like any other prepaid card, and you can use it wherever MasterCard is accepted. 

With your prepaid Skrill MasterCard, the only limit is your Skrill account balance. 

Where can you use Skrill MasterCard? 

With Skrill, you can spend your account balance at all places with a Mastercard sign: 

  • withdraw money at your local ATM
  • withdraw cash at ATMs on your travels and business trips
  • shop online with Skrill prepaid MasterCard
  • deposit to online merchants
  • fund your gaming and gambling accounts 
  • deposit to forex platforms

Free Skrill MasterCard with Skrill VIP status

Skrill account holders need to pay a flat fee for Skrill Mastercard - an application fee of 10 USD or EUR. For Skrill clients with a Skrill VIP account, this service is free of charge. 

If you already have a Skrill account, you can send a Skrill VIP request >> to upgrade to VIP. 

If you don’t have a Skrill account yet, you can open your Skrill account >> and request VIP status.  

Please make sure that your account is verified before you submit the request. Only verified Skrill accounts can be upgraded to VIP. 

See how you can verify your Skrill account >>

Pay with Skrill MasterCard - Secure Payments 

From your Skrill desktop account or the Skrill app, you can always track your spending with Skrill prepaid MasterCard. Every transaction is recorded, and a notification is sent to your email and mobile phone. Notifications add a security layer, so you are instantly notified about transactions with your MasterCard. 

Skrill Card is a prepaid MasterCard so that you cannot spend more than your Skrill balance. In addition, Skrill limits the number of transactions within a month, but you can always increase the limits from your Skrill account. 

Open a Skrill account and order your Skrill MasterCard.

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