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What are the daily deposit limits on Skrill? 

If you wonder how much money you can deposit on your Skrill account per day, you are at the right place. Skrill limits daily deposits, depending on your Skrill level, and here you have it all explained. 


Skrill has different account levels, depending on how much you use your Skrill wallet. Once you open an account, you have a regular Skrill account without any benefits. 


Open a Skrill account and browse your account options. You will be able to make online payments, send money to friends and family, use the Skrill Crypto service and order a Skrill prepaid card (not free, 10EUR/USD charge). However, your account will be limited when it comes to sending and receiving higher sums of money. 


Skriller True

After verification and first deposit, your Skrill account is Skriller True. Verification will unlock many lifetime rewards, like sending money for free from a Skrill account to Skrill and for international money transfers. Skiller True account holders can get the Skrill card (prepaid MasterCard) for free. 

Skriller True

Skriller VIP

Skrill VIP clients are big money movers, and Skrill rewards them with lower fees, VIP rewards, extra support and exclusive offers. Skrill clients have to make a deposit of at least 5000 EUR/USD per quarter for VIP status. 

If you are looking for a fast-track Skrill VIP, you can submit a Skrill VIP request, and we will expedite your request, even if you did not meet the requirements yet. 


For verified Skrill accounts - Skriller True clients can deposit and spend up to 5000 EUR or USD daily. 

Limits for bank account deposits

Daily, you can transfer up to 5000 EUR from your bank account. The bank account needs to be in your name. 

Please note that you cannot deposit cash via your bank. Cash deposits will be rejected due to money laundering regulations, and you will be charged for administrative costs associated with returning your cash deposits.

Limits for credit and debit card deposits

Skrill allows you to deposit money with a credit card or debit card. As long as the credit card is in your name, you can deposit up to 5000 EUR or USD. 

Credit card deposit limits

Limits for deposits with PaysafeCash and Paysafe Card

If you are using PaysafeCash or PaysafeCard, the daily limits are much lower:

  • with PaysafeCash you can transfer up to 900 EUR,
  • while deposits with PaysafeCard are limited to 1000 EUR per day

Receiving money from Neteller 

If you have a NETELLER account and you would like to use it to deposit funds on your Skrill account, you can send money from your Neteller account to Skrill. The NETELLER withdrawal will appear as incoming funds to your Skrill account. 

Here is a video tutorial on how to send money from Neteller to Skrill. 

SKRILL daily deposit limits overview

With a regular Skriller True account, you can make the following deposits: 

  • up to 5000 EUR deposits from a bank account or credit/debit card in your name
  • up to 1000 EUR from your PaysafeCard
  • up to 900 EUR with PaysafeCash

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