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How to buy Bitcoin with Skrill? 

Skrill is a modern ewallet that enables buying and selling crypto as well as holding cryptocurrencies. If you have a verified Skrill account, you can invest in several cryptocurrencies on Skrill. 


Buying Bitcoin (BTC) with Skrill is fast and straightforward. If you have a fiat currency on your account, you can buy Bitcoin within seconds directly from your Skrill account.  

Step 1 - Login to your Skrill account

First, log in to your Skrill account and go to the Crypto section by pressing the crypto icon in the bottom menu. 

It is advisable to familiarize yourself with Skrill Cryptocurrency Term of Use. The Crypto terms define the process of buying and selling interests in certain Supported Cryptocurrencies using funds held in your Skrill Account.

Step 2 - Select the cryptocurrency you are interested in buying 

In the crypto section of your account, Skrill shows the most established digital assets. To see the full list of cryptocurrencies, click the icon SEARCH. Skrill will display a complete list of supported cryptocurrencies alongside the current price and 24-hour % change information. 

Skrill has a limited selection of digital assets, but it supports all major coins: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), EOS (EOS), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Tezos (XTZ), Ox (ZRX), Chainlink (LNK). 

Skrill can add or remove cryptocurrencies as Supported Cryptocurrencies for the Buy/Sell service from time to time. Still, Skrill clients will always be notified in advance, so they can move their digital assets or exchange them for other currencies. 

Step 3 - Purchase Bitcoin (BTC) 

Once you have selected Bitcoin, Skrill will display price charts for Bitcoin, and you can choose between hourly, daily, weekly, monthly price charts. 

  • Immediate purchase 
If you want to buy Bitcoin immediately, press the BUY button below the price chart. This will open the Order form, in which you state how much fiat currency you wish to buy Bitcoin. You will see the exchange rate and the amount of Bitcoin you’ll receive. Press continue and CONFIRM the purchase. You should see TRANSACTION SUCCESSFUL on your screen immediately. 

  • Set Bitcoin price alert 
If you want to wait for Bitcoin to reach a specific price, set a price alarm in your Skrill account. Click the SET ALARM icon below the Bitcoin price chart and set the alarm for the Bitcoin price. Skrill will notify you when Bitcoin reaches the selected price. 

  • Conditional Buy and Sell
By selecting CREATING CONDITIONAL and BUY, you will open an order form for a Bitcoin purchase. Here you can set the price you want to buy and the amount of EUR/USD/other you wish to spend on BTC. Skrill ewallet will initiate your purchase once Bitcoin hits your selected price. 

Set your conditions and CONTINUE. The conditional buy order will be successfully placed. 

  • Create recurring order for Bitcoin

If you wish to purchase Bitcoin regularly, you can set a recurring order in your Skrill account. Go to the RECURRING ORDERS icon under the Bitcoin price chart, which will open the recurring order form. Set the amount of fiat you wish to invest in Bitcoin, frequency (every week, every two weeks, monthly), and day of the week (Monday-Sunday) you want your order to go through. 

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