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Does Skrill have a VIP program?

Skrill has a VIP program with several benefits for Skrill account holders. With VIP status, Skrill clients can enjoy lower fees, exclusive promotions, VIP support. Clients can gain Skrill VIP status by using Skrill regularly, making the minimum transactions, or requesting an upgrade at Wikiwallet.

The more you transfer with a Skrill wallet, the more likely you will get a higher Skrill VIP status. Here are the Skrill VIP benefits in a nutshell:

  • lower transaction fees
  • higher transaction limits
  • dedicated support team
  • invitations to special events

3 Skrill VIP levels

Skrill has 3 VIP levels, depending on the quarterly transaction volume. Skrill clients can have a Silver, Gold, or Diamond status.

What are the requirements for Skrill VIP status?

The essential requirement for a Skrill VIP status is a fully verified account.

If a client's account is not verified, the account cannot be upgraded. If you want to know how to verify a Skrill account, watch our Skrill Verification Tutorial. Verifying a Skrill account is fully automated and can be completed in less than 2 minutes.

Deposit to your favorite merchants or using Skrill Cryptocurrency service will help you reach the transaction volume. Every quarter you must meet the minimum amount, and you will get the VIP status for the current and the next quarter.

  • Skrill Silver VIP (quarterly transaction volume of 15000 EUR/USD or more)
  • Skrill Gold VIP (quarterly transaction volume of 45000 EUR/USD or more)
  • Skrill Diamond VIP (quarterly transaction volume of 90000 EUR/USD or more)

Wikiwallet can instantly upgrade all Skrill accounts that were opened via the Wikiwallet website. If you do not have a Skrill account, you can open it here on Skrill. Verify your account and fill out the Skrill VIP upgrade form.

Skrill Quarterly periods

Skrill has four quarterly periods.

1st quarter: January-March
2nd quarter: April - June
3rd quarter: July - September
4th quarter: October - December

For example, if you reach your VIP status in May (2nd quarter), your status will be valid till September (end of 3rd quarter).

Sending money for free with Skrill VIP and other benefits

With a Skrill VIP status, clients can send money for free and not pay any bank withdrawal fees. This is a significant game-changer in comparison to a regular Skrill account.

VIP status also lowers the currency exchange costs (FX fees): 2.89% for Silver VIP, 2.59% for Gold VIP, and 1.99% for Diamond VIP.

Skrill VIP gives Skrill clients access to special events by rewarding exclusive tickets to sporting events, matches, concerts, unique tournaments, networking opportunities, and luxury holidays. Depending on VIP's interests, special rewards are given out on Skrill terms.

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