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How to send money from Skrill to NETELLER? 

If you want to send money from one ewallet to the other, you can. Here is how you can send money from your Skrill account to NETELLER. Both brands are under the Paysafe umbrella, so all money transfers are instant. 

For a better user experience, we advise you to use the desktop version of Skrill. Sending money from Skrill to NETELLER is straightforward and smooth. 

In just four easy steps, your Skrill funds will be on your NETELLER account. 

If you want to send money from Skrill to NETELLER, you need to log in to your Skrill account. Are you logged into your Skrill account?

Transfer money from Skrill to NETELLER account

Sending money from Skrill to NETELLER is really straightforward. But first, check that you have sufficient funds in your Skrill fiat account. 

  • Step 1: Log in to your Skrill account on your desktop
  • Step 2: In the menu, choose the WITHDRAWAL option
  • Step 3: Select NETELLER, set the amount, and enter your NETELLER email
  • Step 4: Review the amount you wish to send to NETELLER and press confirm 
  • Step 5: Check your NETELLER account balance

All transactions between Skrill and NETELLER are instant, so you should see the transferred amount right away. Don’t expect any delays. Once a transaction is confirmed, it should be visible on the receiving account. 

If you want to see, how sending money to Skrill looks like on a real account, we made a short video tutorial for you. 

Skrill withdrawal fee

Sending money from Skrill to NETELLER is unfortunately not free of charge. If you have a regular Skrill account, you have to add a fee of 3.45% to the overall amount deducted from your Skrill account. 

Get a Skrill VIP account and lower your fees

Skrill VIP pays much less in fees. If you want to join the Skrill VIP club, we can help you with getting a Skrill VIP account. Go to the Skrill VIP page on Wikiwallet and fill out the Skrill VIP request form. We will take care of the rest and get you upgraded in 72 hours.

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