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Can I withdraw with Skrill Virtual Card?

Are you wondering if it is possible to withdraw funds with Skrill Virtual Card?

If you're an online bettor, casino player, or poker enthusiast, the question of whether the Skrill Virtual Card supports seamless fund withdrawals might be on your mind. 

While the Skrill Virtual Card presents a world of possibilities for online payments, it's essential to examine its withdrawal capabilities.

Let's look into the details to discover whether the Skrill Virtual Card provides convenient withdrawal options for your hard-earned winnings.



Skrill Virtual Card is a digital prepaid card offered by Skrill, enabling users to make secure online transactions without needing a physical card. 

It provides enhanced security, flexibility in fund management, and widespread acceptance, making it a popular choice for individuals seeking a convenient and reliable online payment solution.

Unlike traditional physical cards, Skrill Virtual Card exists entirely in the digital realm. It is generated instantly upon request and linked to the user's Skrill account. 

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The Skrill Virtual Card offers a world of endless possibilities in online payments. Its primary focus is facilitating secure transactions and providing users with a convenient digital payment solution. 

However, it's important to note that the Skrill Virtual Card does not support direct fund withdrawals!

Skrill offers various other methods to access your money if you're wondering about alternative withdrawal options. You can access a range of withdrawal options provided by Skrill. These alternative methods allow you to transfer funds to your bank account or another suitable payment method.


Let's explore some of the alternative withdrawal solutions offered by Skrill:

Bank Transfer: Transfer your funds directly to your bank account, ensuring a secure and seamless withdrawal process.

Skrill Money Transfer: Send funds to another individual or merchant through Skrill's Money Transfer service, providing a convenient way to transfer your winnings.

Alternative Payment Methods: Skrill offers the flexibility to withdraw funds to other digital wallets or e-payment platforms, depending on availability in your region.

Crypto Withdrawal: If you prefer to withdraw your winnings as cryptocurrencies, Skrill provides options to withdraw through crypto. You can convert your winnings into popular cryptocurrencies and transfer them to your crypto wallet.

Skrill Prepaid Mastercard: Access your winnings instantly with the Skrill Prepaid Mastercard, allowing you to withdraw funds at ATMs worldwide. You should order your prepaid card first, and with a Skrill VIP account, you can get one for free!

Send money to Neteller: You can withdraw funds from Skrill directly to your Neteller account if you have one. Here is a detailed video guide to help you easily navigate the process.

With these alternative withdrawal solutions, Skrill ensures you can access your winnings efficiently, giving you the flexibility you need to manage your funds beyond the Skrill Virtual Card.


When withdrawing funds using the Skrill Virtual Card, knowing the applicable fees is essential. Here are the fees associated with different withdrawal options for VIP and NON-VIP accounts:


With Skrill Virtual Card, you can withdraw funds directly to your Mastercard or Visa card. However, it's essential to note that card withdrawals may incur fees of up to 3.99% for non-VIP accounts. On the other hand, Skrill VIP members benefit from fee-free card withdrawals, providing an added advantage for VIP account holders.

Skrill to Skrill

With a non-VIP Skrill account, transactions between Skrill accounts are subject to a fee of 0.50€. However, Skrill VIP members, including Silver, Gold, or Diamond tiers, can take advantage of fee-free transactions when transferring funds from their Skrill account to another Skrill account. 


For NON-VIP Skrill accounts, a fee of 0.50€ is charged when sending money from a Skrill account to a Neteller account. However, Skrill VIP members can enjoy fee-free transactions for such transfers, providing a cost-effective solution for transferring funds between Skrill and Neteller.

Withdraw to crypto

For those interested in withdrawing funds as cryptocurrencies, Skrill provides the option to withdraw through a merchant. This method typically carries a fee of 2.00%. With Skrill VIP status, you can enjoy lower crypto buy and sell fees of 1.4% for Silver, 1.3% for Gold, and 1.3% for a Diamond VIP account. 


Withdrawal fees for the SWIFT global payment method with Skrill are GBP 4.66 for GBP withdrawals and EUR 5.50 for EUR withdrawals for non-VIP accounts. However, Skrill VIP members may enjoy reduced or waived fees for SWIFT withdrawals as part of their VIP benefits. 

Remember that these fees can change and may vary based on location and account status.



With a Skrill VIP upgrade, you can enjoy the benefits of lower or even waived withdrawal fees, allowing you to maximize your winnings when transferring funds to your bank account or alternative payment methods. 

At Wikiwallet, we offer a solution that allows you to qualify for the Skrill Silver VIP account by transferring only 5000€, a significantly lower amount compared to the usual requirements of 15,000€ for the Silver VIP level. 

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