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Get Skrill VIP till the end of the year

Don’t waste money on fees. Fast track to Skrill VIP account and keep it till the end of the year!

Do you want to keep your Skrill VIP account throughout the year and not just quarterly? Well, here's some good news: you now have the opportunity to do so with lower requirements than ever before!

The Skrill VIP Fast Lane promotion offers an incredible opportunity to obtain your VIP membership and unlock all the exclusive benefits of a Skrill VIP account. Whether you're a dedicated poker player, enthusiastic punter, or seasoned trader, having a Skrill VIP account is vital. 

If you want to enhance your gaming and trading experience with this special time-limited promo, read on to learn more.

Skrill VIP Fast Lane


Join the Skrill VIP Fast Lane promotion before July 31st to secure your VIP status till the end of the year. Act now, as this promotion will no longer be available after this date. 

Register via the Skrill VIP Fast Lane promo landing page >>

Obtaining a Skrill VIP membership outside this promotion is more challenging and is limited to quarterly periods. The requirements are significantly higher compared to the current promotion. 

To become a Skrill VIP member outside of the Skrill VIP Fast Lane promotion, you would need to transfer the following amounts:

  • EUR 15,000 for Skrill Silver VIP status
  • EUR 45,000 for Skrill Gold VIP status
Additionally, you must maintain the same transfer amount every quarter to retain your Skrill VIP membership.

However, with the Skrill VIP Fast Lane promotion, you can fast-track to Skrill VIP status by transferring lower amounts:

  • EUR 5,000 for Skrill Silver VIP status
  • EUR 15,000 for Skrill Gold VIP status

Enjoy special privileges that come with being a Skrill VIP member. Take advantage of this special limited-time offer and upgrade your Skrill account to VIP status quickly and easily. 

Register for the Skrill VIP Fast Lane promotion and keep your status for the whole year >>


This exclusive promotion is designed for individuals passionate about poker, casino games, sports betting, and forex trading. Engaging in substantial financial transactions on and off the platform makes this promotion exceptionally beneficial.

By registering for this promotion, you will also enjoy reduced fees for deposits and withdrawals, along with the dedicated support of an account manager available 24/7. The option of multiple currency accounts and priority bank uploads will further enhance your experience. Additionally, you will unlock numerous other benefits and rewards exclusive only to VIP members.

With the Skrill VIP Fast Lane promotion, you can save significant money while enjoying all the VIP advantages until the end of the year!

Register now and reap all the Skrill VIP rewards >>

Skrill VIP Fast Lane

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