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The 2021 Skrill fees and fee saving tips

If you are using Skrill the intelligent way, you should save substantial amounts of money on fees. Here are all Skrill fees in 2021 and tips on how to avoid high Skrill fees. If you follow our tips, you can cut your Skrill money transfer fees to zero. 

Skrill is offering an excellent ewallet service, so Skrill users don’t mind the fees. All ewallets charge fees, and Skrill is among the moderate ones. But, if you often use Skrill, this can be costly. Skrill is charging fees on almost all transactions you make: for deposits to Skrill, withdrawals from Skrill, domestic money transfers, currency exchange, and for using the Skrill crypto service.

We wanted to break down the Skrill fees for you and make them as transparent as possible. In addition, we give you the option to cut the Skrill fees to zero - make sure you read till the end and share Skrill tips with your friends. 

You can also watch out Skrill fee video >> tutorial.

Skrill domestic money transfer fee 

When sending money from Skrill to Skrill in your own country, you will be charged a fee for the transaction. 

  • Send money from Skrill to Skrill 2.99% fee 
  • with Skriller True status FREE

#1 SKRILL TIP: Get a Skriller True status 

In three simple steps, you can turn your regular Skrill account to Skriller True. 

  • Download the Skrill app and log in to Skrill app
  • Make an eligible deposit (i. e., from a bank account or with a credit card) - deposit funds to Skrill account
  • Verify your identity - Skrill verification video 

With Skriller True status, you will be entitled to: 

  • Free Skrill-to-Skrill money transfers
  • Free Skrill card 
  • Skrill doesn’t charge any subscription fee - you verify your account once for a lifetime of benefits.

Skrill international money transfer fee 

If you are sending money to a Skrill account abroad, the money transaction is completely free. However, if you send money from one currency to another, Skrill will charge a currency exchange fee. 

  • 4.99% FX fee
  • Send money from Skrill to Skrill FREE

#2 SKRILL TIP: Use the multiple currency account option

Did you know that you can set up numerous currency accounts in your Skrill wallet, like EUR account, USD account, etc. Use it to send funds to friends abroad and avoid Skrill fx fees. 

Skrill money deposit fee 

When depositing funds to your Skrill account, a fee will be charged. For most deposit options, the fee is as low as 1% on your deposits. 

At the moment, only Skrill customers in the US enjoy free deposits. 

  • with local deposit methods (bank transfer, Paysafecard, Trustly, etc.) 1% fee 
  • with global deposit methods (Visa, MasterCard, Diners, etc.) 1% fee

Skrill money withdrawal costs

When you withdraw from your Skrill account, a fee is deducted from your withdrawal sum. 

  • withdraw from Skrill to bank account 5.50 EUR
  • withdrawal to NETELLER account 3.49%
  • withdrawal from Skrill to credit card 7.5%

#3 SKRILL TIP: Use Skrill MasterCard instead of withdrawing

You can request a Skrill prepaid card and pay wherever MasterCard is accepted. Using a Skrill card instead of moving funds to your bank account will save on fees. 

Skrill deposit to gaming and trading sites 

Skrill is one of the most popular deposit methods for online poker, sports betting, forex trading, gaming, casino, and everything you can do online. Gaming and gambling merchants offer free Skrill deposits. 

  • FREE deposits 

Skrill Crypto Service fees

Did you know you can buy crypto within your Skrill account? Skrill gives you access to major cryptocurrencies, and you can instantly purchase various stable coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, OMG, and many others. 

  • Transactions up to 19.99 EUR - 0.99 EUR per transaction
  • Transactions between 20-99.99 EUR - 1.99 EUR per transaction 
  • Transactions above 100 EUR - 1.50 % per transaction

#4 SKRILL TIP: Create savings by turning your SKRILL balance into crypto 

In the long term, investing in crypto pays off. You can quickly turn your fiat balance into crypto and have a crypto savings portfolio within your Skrill account. When you need funds, simply sell your crypto assets to replenish your Skrill fiat account. 

Avoid Skrill fees by upgrading to a Skrill VIP account 

If you want to save on Skrill fees substantially, you can apply for a Skrill VIP upgrade via the Skrill VIP request form

Having a Skrill VIP account will help you save money on fees. All Skrill VIP accounts can enjoy: 

  • FREE bank withdrawals
  • FREE money transfers 
  • 2.89% FX fee

Wikiwallet is a Skrill NETELLER VIP upgrade wizard, so you can get your VIP account here by merely filling out a request form. 

Having a VIP account will help you avoid fees for bank withdrawals and money transfers. In addition, as Skrill VIP, you will have direct Skrill support and access to VIP benefits. 

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