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How to verify a Skrill account? 

Skrill needs to verify all accounts, as this is a law requirement. Verification enables all account features and contributes to fraud protection. 

General information about account verification 

Verification is a process of comparing the account registration data to the account holder's official documents. If the documents match the account data and documents prove legitimate, then the account is verified. Verification provides an extra layer of security and protection against fraud.

Skrill account verification step-by-step 

Account verification is a straightforward process. Skrill accounts are usually verified in under five minutes. 

Step 1 - Skrill login

Login to your Skrill account and go to Settings, then choose Verification. 

Step 2 - Have your documents ready

Before you start ewallet verification, prepare an official identification document issued by the state. This can be either an ID card, passport, or driver's license. Please make sure that the ID document is valid. 

Step 3 - Start verification

Begin verification either from your desktop or mobile phone. The fully automated flow will ask permission to access your camera, and you need to allow access to complete the process. 

You will be asked to upload or take photos of the front and back sides of your ID document. Afterward, you will be instructed to take a profile snapshot with your cam. 

Once all documents are submitted, you will complete Skrill verification. Skrill will verify the account within minutes. 

Verified Skrill accounts 

With a verified Skrill account, you can apply for the KNECT program to collect loyalty points and rewards, join the Skrill VIP program, and lift the transaction limits.

Only verified accounts can apply for the Skrill Card/MasterCard and use the crypto service on Skrill. 

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