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What are the requirements for a Skrill VIP account?

If you want to upgrade your regular Skrill account, you need to meet basic requirements. First, your Skrill wallet needs to be fully verified. Secondly, you need to make a certain amount of transactions in a quarter. Wikiwallet can offer instant VIP upgrades for all Skrill accounts, registered via a Skrill link on our website or inactive Skrill accounts. 

Skrill verified account

Verification will make a Skrill account more secure and unlock the full potential of a Skrill wallet. If a Skrill account is not verified, Skrill will not approve the VIP upgrade. Thus, verifying a Skrill account is essential. 

We have made a video tutorial on how to upgrade a Skrill account with a mobile phone. You will need the Skrill mobile app and an ID document. Verifying a Skrill account is fully automated and takes less than 2 minutes. 

Quarterly transactions 

If you are sending money to friends, buying, selling crypto on Skrill Crypto Service, or depositing to merchants, you will probably meet the Skrill VIP status requirements. 

Skrill has 3 VIP levels, depending on how much you use your Skrill account. 

To be eligible for a Skrill VIP status, you must meet the following transactions volume: 

  • Skrill Silver VIP (quarterly transaction volume of 15000 EUR/USD or more)
  • Skrill Gold VIP (quarterly transaction volume of 45000 EUR/USD or more)
  • Skrill Diamond VIP (quarterly transaction volume of 90000 EUR/USD or more)

Once you get a VIP status, it will be valid for the current quarter and the next. Afterward, you will need to meet the transaction requirement again. 

Get an instant VIP upgrade

Not all Skrill clients meet Skrill VIP's requirements, especially if you just started to use Skrill.  

If you plan to open a Skrill account, we suggest you open a Skrill account via our Skrill link because we can upgrade you to VIP immediately. 

All our Skrill referrals are eligible for a Skrill VIP upgrade. Once your account has been verified, please fill out the form on our website. We will upgrade your Skrill VIP account, even if you did not meet the transaction quota.

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