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What are the Skrill MasterCard fees? 

If you want to see the exact fee before making transactions, use the Skrill fee calculator.

Don’t know what the fees might be?

Being unsure about the fees can make you reluctant to process a transaction or use your Skrill MasterCard. 

Skrill has a transparent fee policy, so you can always know what you are paying for Skrill services. 

To calculate the fee, you can use the Skrill fee calculator.

When you want to spend money online or paying abroad in a foreign currency, you can check the exchange rate and Skrill mark-up fee in the fee calculator on the Skrill website. 

Fill out the form by adding: 
  • transaction currency 
  • the total amount to be spent
  • Skrill VIP level 
  • date of transaction

Skrill will instantly calculate the fee for your transaction. 

With a Skrill MasterCard, you can spend online, pay locally, anywhere in the world, where MasterCard is accepted. 

Note, that with a Skrill VIP status, your fees will be substantially reduced for all Skrill services. Wikiwallet can upgrade your Skrill account to VIP, you just need to submit a request via our online form. 

Go to VIP upgrade form. 

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