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Does Skrill have an affiliate program? 

Skrill has one of the best affiliate programs in terms of high revenue share and lifetime commission entitlement. If you want to earn money from promoting Skrill ewallet, you have to sign up for a Skrill affiliate program. 

Promoting Skrill can create solid revenue for Skrill affiliates. Being an affiliate means that you have a Skrill affiliate account, can create unique Skrill links, and earn commission from every referred Skrill customer. 

How to promote Skrill? 

First, you need to know your target groups. Skrill is one of the most popular digital wallets globally. It helps people transfer money to friends and family and between players. If people want to send money without enormous fees, they use Skrill. Skrill is also popular among poker players, casino, sportsbook enthusiasts, and others who want to make discreet and safe payments online. Therefore, this is your target group. 

Secondly, you need a channel to promote Skrill. 

  • If you are a blogger, you can utilize your website and explain the benefits of Skrill to your readers. Blogs specialized in poker, casino, gaming, and sports betting are the most natural place to promote Skrill. 
  • If you have a Youtube or Twitch channel, you can address the issue of online payments, safe and secure deposits, fast withdrawal methods and suggest opening a Skrill account as the best way to manage gaming accounts. 
  • If you have a group of friends or poker players, you can send them your Skrill affiliate link so they can open a Skrill account. In return, you can offer them benefits such as a Skrill VIP account. As a Skrill affiliate, you will have access to special Skrill promotions and services to help you promote the ewallet brand. 

How to open a Skrill affiliate account? 

First and foremost, you need to sign up as a Skrill affiliate. 

If you want to open a Skrill affiliate account, you have two options. You can become a Skrill affiliate via the official Paysafe affiliates program or a Paysafe affiliate partner. 

Opening an account via Paysafe affiliates will give you a straightforward deal with a 25% revenue share. 

Opening an account via Paysafe affiliate partner will give you a flexible deal of 25% and higher and additional benefits, such as Skrill VIP upgrades and excellent affiliate support if you have special requests or want to run unique campaigns. 

You can easily open a Skrill affiliate account through the Paynura affiliate network. Open a free account. 

Your unique Skrill affiliate link 

Once you have an affiliate account, you have to request your unique Skrill affiliate link. 

Whoever will sign up via your Skrill link - leading to the official Skrill website - will become your referral or tagged account. Skrill will always keep this account under your affiliate account and track all your referrals’ deposits to give you your share of the commission. 

How much can you earn by promoting Skrill? 

Every person that opens a Skrill account via your Skrill affiliate link is your referral. With Skrill, you will be rewarded for bringing new customers/referrals with a revenue share. 

Let us explain what revenue share is. 

When your referral deposits an online merchant, you are entitled to a revenue share of the deposit fee. The merchant pays the deposit fee to Skrill, which is usually between 2-5%. 

If your referral deposits 10,000 USD to a poker merchant that pays a 3% fee to Skrill, the fee is 300 USD. With a 25% revenue share, you will be entitled to 25% of 300 USD. Thus, you will earn a 75 USD commission. 

Let’s play around and say that you have 10 referrals, who play high stake poker one weekend, each depositing 10,000 USD. In that case, you would make 750 USD just from deposits over one weekend. 

Promote Skrill and earn lifetime commission

Skrill is rewarding its affiliates with a lifetime revenue share. Once you have brought a new Skrill customer, you will get a revenue share from all their future deposits. 

Open a Skrill affiliate account today. 

Start promoting Skrill and earn your first affiliate commission.

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