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Where to Buy Bitcoin in 2024

Discover the safest and most reliable platforms for buying Bitcoin in 2024.

With a range of Bitcoin purchasing options available, it's essential to consider aspects such as safety, fees, educational resources, and user-friendliness.

This guide will help you understand options like Skrill, Neteller, Bitpanda, Binance, and ByBit and what factors to consider when buying Bitcoin in 2024.

Making informed decisions is crucial for a secure and successful Bitcoin purchase.



Before delving into specific platforms, let's categorize the places where you can buy Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

These platforms focus on facilitating the purchase, sale, and storage of cryptocurrencies (Bitpanda, Binance, ByBit).


Some stock brokers allow users to buy and sell specific cryptocurrencies along with traditional investment vehicles.


While some cryptocurrency exchanges and brokerages have apps, there are standalone apps that facilitate the purchase and sale of Bitcoin (Skrill, Neteller). 



Safety is paramount when dealing with cryptocurrency. Although the industry lacks comprehensive regulations, there are key factors to consider for a secure Bitcoin purchase:

Cold Storage: Reputable exchanges store the majority of customer assets in cold storage, reducing vulnerability to hackers.

Insurance: The best platforms carry external insurance to protect against theft. Ensure to understand the insurance details, including the provider, coverage amount, and conditions for payout.

Third-Party Audits: Platforms that conduct external audits and provide proof-of-reserves offer additional assurances about the safety of your assets.

Security Features: Activating user-level security features, such as two-factor authentication, is crucial to protect against unauthorized account access.


There are several factors to consider before choosing a preferred crypto exchange platform to buy a Bitcoin:


The cost of buying and selling Bitcoin varies across platforms. While not the sole consideration, understanding fees is essential.

Investment Selection

Assess whether the platform supports other cryptocurrencies if you plan to diversify your investments beyond Bitcoin.

Educational Resources

Some platforms offer extensive educational resources, including articles, videos, and tutorials, catering to beginners and experienced investors.


Consider sign-up bonuses and spending requirements, but don't let them be the sole determining factor in your decision.


Evaluate the user interface based on your investment goals. Simple interfaces suit occasional buyers, while active traders prefer platforms with advanced features.


Research and prioritize platforms that transparently communicate their security measures, assets, and insurance coverage.


Explore various options for buying Bitcoin in 2024 in this overview of selected platforms.

1) Skrill

Known for its emphasis on digital payments, Skrill is a convenient platform for purchasing Bitcoin. Offering users various payment options, Skrill provides a user-friendly experience while facilitating secure transactions. As a well-established digital payment platform, Skrill appeals to users looking for a reliable and efficient means of buying Bitcoin.

Open Skrill account >>

2) Neteller

Similar to Skrill, Neteller is a widely used digital payment platform that extends its services to Bitcoin transactions. Neteller focuses on security and efficiency, enabling users to purchase Bitcoin seamlessly. Its popularity in the digital payment space makes it a trusted option for individuals seeking a reliable platform to buy and manage Bitcoin.

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3) Bitpanda

With its user-friendly interface and a diverse selection of cryptocurrencies, Bitpanda stands out as an excellent choice for investors seeking a seamless buying experience. The platform's commitment to providing a straightforward process makes it appealing to novice and experienced users. Bitpanda's versatility and accessibility make it a reliable option for buying Bitcoin.

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4) Binance

Recognized for its global presence, Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that caters to users worldwide. Offering a diverse range of trading options, Binance is suitable for beginners and advanced traders. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it a versatile choice for those looking to buy and trade Bitcoin on a global scale.

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5) ByBit

Targets traders interested in derivatives and futures trading, offering unique features and instruments for buying Bitcoin. While distinctive in its approach, ByBit caters to a specific audience looking for advanced trading options. The ByBit platform is designed to meet the needs of traders seeking more specialized experience in the cryptocurrency market.

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  Skrill Neteller Bitpanda Binance ByBit
Crypto Availability 40+ 
100+ cryptocurrencies 500+ cryptocurrencies 100+ cryptocurrencies
Safety Well-established, regulated, and secure Regulated and secure Regulated and secure Highly secure, widely used, regulated Regulated and considered secure
Fees Transaction fees, currency conversion fees Transaction fees, currency conversion fees Trading fees, deposit/withdrawal fees Trading fees, withdrawal fees, etc. Trading fees, funding fees, withdrawal fees
Educational Resources Limited educational content and resources Limited educational content and resources Educational blog, tutorials, and guides Extensive educational resources, academy Educational resources available
User-Friendliness User-friendly interface, easy to navigate User-friendly interface, easy to navigate Intuitive platform, user-friendly design User-friendly, intuitive interface  User-friendly, designed for ease of use


Follow these easy steps to buy Bitcoin on cryptocurrency exchange platforms: 

Choose Platform: Select a cryptocurrency exchange based on your investor type and preferred features.

Create Account: Open an account by providing basic information and complying with verification requirements.

Deposit Funds: Utilize cost-effective methods like bank transfers to deposit fiat currency into your account.

Buy Bitcoin: Decide on the amount, purchase Bitcoin instantly, or place an order, and congratulations, you're a Bitcoin owner!

Storage Choice: Consider storing your Bitcoin on the exchange or transfer it to a secure crypto wallet for added safety. Keep in mind the responsibilities associated with self-managing your crypto wallet.


When buying Bitcoin, factors such as fees, investment selection, educational resources, bonuses, and user-friendliness play pivotal roles. Noteworthy platforms like Skrill, Neteller, Bitpanda, Binance, and ByBit offer varying features to cater to different investor preferences. Each platform has unique strengths, and users should decide based on their specific needs and goals.

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