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How to open a ByBit account to trade Bitcoin? 

ByBit is a smart and intuitive crypto trading platform and one of the fastest-growing crypto platforms at the moment. Professional traders are moving to ByBit, but also crypto newcomers are starting their crypto adventure with ByBit. 

In a nutshell, ByBit is the best starting point for crypto and currently the most reliable crypto trading platform worldwide. 

Here is how to get started on ByBit


ByBit might be less known than Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Bitpanda, but it is increasing its reputation with impeccable features and performance. Even in the most volatile market times, it offers reliable trading and market liquidity. 

In addition, you can buy and trade coins that are not available on Binance and other leading crypto platforms. 

  • Access real-time market data
  • Competitive market liquidity 
  • Reliable trading with 99,9% availability 
  • Multilingual support for all traders


At first, ByBit offered an optimal tool for experienced traders. Now, with features like spot trading, it comes nearer to users who want to invest in crypto and hodl. 

Spot trading made easy 

Buying and selling crypto has never been easier. ByBit offers the best available rate, backed by competitive market liquidity.

Advanced trading 

Experienced traders can embark on perpetual and future contract types. Also, hedge and speculate on the crypto future. 

Staking, yes you can!

In ByBits ByFi Center, users create profits from their own DeFi gateways and staking. 


Opening a ByBit account is straightforward and in less than half an hour you are ready to trade your first Bitcoin. 

For registering a ByBit account, you can use the desktop version or the ByBit app. 
  • If you are behind your laptop go to ByBit website and find the registration on the right side, or click the Sign Up button. 
  • If you already downloaded the ByBit app, start registration by clicking the icon in the upper left corner. 

You can register to ByBit by email address or mobile number. At this point, this is the only information ByBit will need to register your new account. 

If you are signing up by EMAIL:

(1) you will have to provide your email address and select a strong password. 
(2) The verification page will open, and you will have to drag the puzzle piece into its place. 
(3) ByBit will send a verification code to your inbox. Open your email, copy the code and complete the registration on ByBit. 

After completing all three steps, you are ready to start your trading on ByBit. Send some crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USDT) to your ByBit account or make a deposit from a bank account or other payment method. 

If you are signing up by mobile: 

(1)enter your country code, mobile phone number, password
(2) the verification page will open, and you will have to drag the puzzle piece into its place. 
(3) ByBit will send a verification code to your mobile. Enter your code to complete initial verification. 

Congratulations! Now you have a ByBit account and you can start trading. 

Open a ByBit account here >>

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