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How to Recover a Disabled Neteller Account 

Recover your inactive Neteller account with a VIP status.

Neteller, a widely-used digital wallet service, ensures both convenience and security in online transactions. However, Neteller accounts may occasionally become disabled due to inactivity or other factors.

If you encounter such an issue, Wikiwallet offers a solution to reactivate your inactive Neteller account by providing a VIP status upgrade.

Neteller VIP


Accounts that are inactive for six months or longer may encounter restrictions or be disabled as a security measure. Neteller users seeking to recover these accounts can take advantage of the VIP service provided by Wikiwallet.

If your account is locked due to a violation of terms and conditions, please reach out to info@wikiwallet.com for assistance in resolving the issue.


Follow these simple steps to recover your inactive Neteller account via Wikiwallet:

1) Check Eligibility

Ensure your account meets the criteria of being inactive for six months or more, qualifying for a VIP Status reactivation. Additionally, all Neteller accounts must be fully verified before requesting a VIP upgrade.

2) Fill Out the VIP Upgrade Request Form

Visit our website and locate the Neteller VIP upgrade request form >> for the existing Neteller accounts. Enter your Neteller ID and contact email address accurately into the designated fields on the form and click “Request VIP upgrade.”

3) Confirmation and Reactivation

After submitting your request, we will upgrade your Neteller account to VIP if it meets all the criteria. You'll receive a notification confirming the successful initiation of the reactivation process for your Neteller account.


Recovering your Neteller account with a VIP status offers several advantages:

Reduced Fees: Enjoy lower transaction fees and currency conversion charges.

Enhanced Security: Access additional layers of security for your transactions and account protection.

Dedicated Support: Benefit from specialized customer service tailored for VIP account holders, ensuring swift assistance.


Wikiwallet's VIP service expedites the reactivation process for Neteller accounts that have been inactive for over six months. 

Take advantage of this chance to get back into your account and keep using Neteller's services, plus all the special perks for Neteller VIP members.

If you're new to Neteller, just sign up through Wikiwallet >>, then make your first deposit and complete the verification process. Once verified, your account becomes eligible for the VIP upgrade.


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