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NETELLER fees and how to avoid fees in 2021

If you want to save on Neteller fees on money transfers, cash deposits, and currency exchange fees, here is a simple step towards fee money transfers and money withdrawals with your NETELLER account. 

You can also watch our NETELLER fee video tutorial. 

NETELLER domestic money transfer fee 

Neteller users, who are not using the NETELLER app and haven’t verified their account, have to pay fees for money transfers. 

  • Send money from Neteller to Neteller 1.45% 
  • FREE with Neteller True status (verified Neteller account)

NETELLER TIP #1: Get the NETELLER True status 

By applying for NETELLER True status, you can earn free money transfers from Neteller to Neteller. Here is what you need to do to get a NETELLER True account:

  • #1 Download the NETELLER app and log in 
  • #2 Deposit to your NETELLER account from a bank account or with a credit card
  • #3 Verify your identity - NETELLER verification is automated and takes 2 minutes to verify your Neteller account (have your ID, driver’s license or passport ready)

With NETELLER True status, you will be entitled to: 
  • Free NETELLER-to-NETELLER money transfers
  • Free NETELLER MasterCard
Once you have verified your NETELLER account, you will hold your NETELLER True status for life. 

NETELLER international money transfer fee 

Sending money to a NETELLER account abroad is free. However, Neteller charges an fx fee for fiat conversions. 

  • 4.49% FX fee
  • FREE to send money from NETELLER to NETELLER FREE

Neteller supports 28 fiat currencies so that you can send money with automatic currency conversion. 

NETELLER money deposit fee 

For topping your NETELLER account, you will be charged a deposit fee. 

  • local and global deposit methods 2.5% fee
Fees on all deposit methods are unified and unfortunately cannot be reduced. 

NETELLER money withdrawal costs

When you withdraw money from your Neteller account, you will be charged a fee. But, there is an elegant solution how to avoid that. 

  • withdraw from Neteller to your bank account 10 USD
  • withdraw to Skrill account 3.49%

NETELLER TIP #2: Use NETELLER MasterCard instead of withdrawing

Request a Neteller MasterCard / Net+ Card to spend your balance in local stores, and anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Also, you can withdraw your NETELLER balance from any ATM worldwide. 

By using a NET+ Card, you will avoid NETELLER fees on money withdrawals. 

NETELLER deposit to gaming and trading sites 

NETELLER ewallet is one of the most reliable deposits and withdrawal methods from online merchants, such as poker rooms, online casinos, sportsbook platforms like bet365, 1xBet, Bwin, Betfair, and hundreds of other sports betting sites. With Neteller, you will always have a free deposit option for all gaming and trading activities. 

  • FREE deposits 

NETELLER crypto service fees

With Neteller, you can buy and sell crypto within your NETELLER account. Neteller will charge a fee for buying crypto, but it’s currently one of the cheapest options for investing in crypto. 

  • All transactions 1.50% fee per transaction

NETELLER TIP #3: How to buy crypto with Neteller 

Investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others with NETELLER is straightforward. You don't need any knowledge about trading; just swap from 28 fiat currencies to crypto assets. 

Here are two video tutorials on how to buy crypto with Neteller: 

When you need fiat currency, you swap from crypto to your currency and spend your NETELLER balance as usual. 

Save money on fees - GET NETELLER VIP!

The ultimate way to save on Neteller fees is to get a NETELLER VIP account. Neteller rewards loyal customers with a NETELLER VIP account. The benefits of having a VIP status are: 

  • FREE bank withdrawals
  • FREE money transfers 
  • 3.19% FX fee

Normally, you have to make at least 5000 USD money transfers to be eligible for a VIP account. At Wikiwallet, we can upgrade your NETELLER account to VIP without deposits. If you have a verified NETELLER account, fill out the NETELLER REQUEST FORM, and we will upgrade your account in 48 hours. 

Wikiwallet is a Skrill NETELLER VIP upgrade tool, so you can enjoy the VIP benefits of your ewallet, even if you don’t meet the requirements. 

It works every time, so apply for your NETELLER VIP status right away.

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