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How to verify a NETELLER account? 

NETELLER is required by law to verify the identity of its customers. Until the identity is confirmed, your ewallet account is limited in the number of transactions and available features. By verifying your NETELLER ewallet, the account will be secure and fraud protected to a more considerable extent. 


Verification is a straightforward process of checking the account holder's identity. Providing legitimate documents in your name is the only requirement. It is illegal to open a NETELLER account in someone else's name.


A precondition for verifying a NETELLER account is to deposit to your account first. Once your account is funded, you can start the verification. 

Verifying a NETELLER account takes under 5 minutes. 

Step 1 - Account login

Login to your NETELLER account. In Settings, choose Verification. 

Step 2 - Have your ID ready 

To complete verification of your NETELLER wallet, you need an ID document. This can be an ID card, passport, or driver's license. The ID document should be in your name and valid. 

Step 3 - Open the NETELLER app

Begin verification either from your desktop or on the mobile app, which you can download for free either in Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

Verification flow will access the camera on your chosen device. Allow access to your camera. 

During verification, you will be instructed to take photos of your ID document (front and backside) and take a profile photo during a short live webcam session. 

Optional - location verification

For clients from some countries, where NETELLER cannot confirm the location by geolocation sharing, an additional manual upload of address verification is required.

After submitting all documents, you will complete the NETELLER verification process. 

NETELLER will verify your account within a couple of minutes or up to 24 hours. 


With a verified NETELLER account, clients can apply for the NET+ Prepaid MasterCard, join the NETELLER VIP program, and access higher transaction limits and multiple deposit options.

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