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3 reasons why Brazilian poker players use AstroPay

Check why you should start using AstroPay digital wallet in Brazil if you are a poker player!

AstroPay is vital for poker players in Brazil because it offers a secure, fast, and easy way to make deposits and withdrawals at online poker sites. 

Many Brazilian banks do not support gambling transactions, which can make it difficult for poker players to fund their accounts. AstroPay provides a reliable alternative by allowing users to load funds onto their AstroPay account with their preferred payment methods, such as local bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and digital wallets like Skrill and NETELLER

With many bonuses and promotions, the AstroPay payment solution is a way for poker players to earn back some of the money they spend on transactions to poker platforms.



#1 Safe and secure transactions 

AstroPay is a secure and reliable platform for online transactions so that poker players in Brazil can focus on playing poker and not losing time with money transfers.  

#2 Discreet poker wallet

Using AstroPay digital wallet, poker players in Brazil can make deposits and withdrawals without sharing their personal and financial information. Additionally, with the physical AstroPay Mastercard, they can withdraw funds from ATMs and use them for purchases at offline stores.

#3 Competitive rates and bonuses 

AstroPay has competitive exchange rates and low transaction fees, making it a cost-effective option for poker players in Brazil. Besides, AstroPay is great for poker players as it offers many promotions and bonuses. Not only can you earn from poker, but from bonus rewards too!

If you want to take advantage of cashback rewards on AstroPay, join the 1% cashback promotion and start making some extra money when depositing to poker platforms.



Poker players in Brazil who use AstroPay as their preferred payment method are in for a treat!

AstroPay is currently offering a cashback, which allows players to receive a percentage of their transactions back in their AstroPay account. This cashback promotion is a great way for players to stretch their bankroll and potentially win more at the poker tables.

Here's how poker players in Brazil can become eligible for the cashback promotion with AstroPay:

- Deposit over 5000 USD to AstroPay account,

- Deposit to the preferred poker site using an AstroPay account.

By following these simple steps, poker players in Brazil can qualify for the cashback promotion and earn free money on their poker deposits.

The cashback promotion provides an excellent opportunity for poker players to increase their winnings and make the most out of their online poker experience. 

Open a new AstroPay account if you don’t have one already >>

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