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How to upgrade your NETELLER to NETELLER Silver VIP?

NETELLER digital wallet is the best deposit and withdrawal method for gamers, players, and punters. But did you know that you can substantially lower the NETELLER fees by having a NETELLER Silver VIP status? Here is how you can upgrade it on lower conditions. 

Upgrade yourself to NETELLER Silver VIP

Regular NETELLER accounts need to make $15000 transactions for a NETELLER Silver VIP.  But not with Wikiwalet.

With Wikiwallet, NETELLER Silver VIP is easily achievable:  

  • transfer $5000 in 30 days for NETELLER Silver VIP
  • your VIP status will be valid till the end of the year.

Only by signing up through the NETELLER promo page will you be eligible for a NETELLER Silver VIP upgrade. 

Here is what you need to do for NETELLER Silver VIP:

  • If you have a NETELLER account, sign in via the NETELLER promo page
  • If you are new to NETELLER, then go to the NETELLER promo page and register for a NETELLER account
  • Deposit to online merchants at least $5000 within 30 days from the promo sign-up date
  • After meeting the requirements, you’ll be upgraded to NETELLER Silver VIP status 

The best part about this NETELLER VIP promotion is that you will gain the VIP status now and hold it till the end of the year.

If you are using NETELLER wallet to deposit to poker rooms, online bookies, or to play casino, a VIP will cut the fees and enable free bank withdrawals. Don't be losing money; become NETELLER VIP.

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