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How to fast-track to Skrill GOLD VIP?

Skrill GOLD VIP is a premium treatment for serious players, gamers, and punters. Skrill is lowering fees substantially for its loyal customers. We made it easier for Skrill users to obtain Skrill VIP GOLD. Here is how you can fast-track your Skrill account to VIP. 

Upgrade yourself to Skrill GOLD VIP

For regular Skrill signups, Skrill Gold VIP requirements are very high. You need to transfer at least 45000 EUR to get the Skrill Gold VIP. 

But with Wikiwallet, the Skrill GOLD VIP conditions are easily achievable:

  • transfer 15000 EUR with your Skrill account in 30 days from the promo sign up date,
  • and instantly get the Skrill Gold VIP till the end of the year.

Be careful! Only by signing up through the promo page will you be eligible for a Skrill GOLD VIP upgrade.

Here is what you need to do for Skrill GOLD VIP:

  • If you have a Skrill account, go to the Skrill promo page here and sign to your Skrill account,
  • If you are new to Skrill, go to the Skrill promo page here and register for a Skrill account,
  • Transfer €15000 to online merchants within 30 days from the promo sign-up date,
  • We will instantly upgrade you to Skrill GOLD VIP.

Once you meet the Skrill GOLD VIP conditions, your VIP status will be valid till the end of the year. 

Skrill is the most efficient deposit and withdrawal solution for you if you are playing high-stake poker or enjoying sports betting. With Skrill VIP, you will be able to lower the fees on currency exchange and withdrawals.

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